Creative Wedding Ideas

You planned everything, checked it twice and are just waiting on the Big Day to arrive. Here at Nearly Weds, we have a couple of extra, creative ideas you might not have thought of:

The Last Dance

As well as the traditional First Dance, why not The Last Dance? When the night draws in, kick all your guests out and spend time as a married couple once more. It also has the added benefit of allowing everyone to get ready for when you drive away into the sunset as a married couple.

Lined Groom Coats

Want a bit of extra fun? You may want the more traditional navy-blue type suit, but why not get creative with a custom fabric lining to add a little extra panache to the Big Day!

A Touch-Up Bar

Girls know how long the line can be for the ladies’ room but you still need to fix your hair and add mid-party makeup. Why not create a solution with a touch-up station. You can even get some with a hired professional to help put a fresh gloss or curl on your guests.

Private Vows

You have to share everything else about your Big Day with your family, friends and loved ones, why not keep the most special of moments, your Wedding Vows private? It’s your Big Day so no-one will complain about not hearing your speech. It has two great bonuses; it looks amazingly romantic AND gets you out of public speaking!