Wedding Budget

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Nearly Weds make it simple create, monitor and manage your budget on the web or on the go.

Keep Costs Down
Create a budget for each Supplier in our Budget Planner to ensure you don't over-spend (too much)
On the run
Need to confirm a Supplier booking and update your budget on the run, no problem with our Nearly Weds App
Budget Tips
Get tips from other couples on how to manage your budget whilst still having the perfect Wedding
Stress Free Day
Enjoy a stress free day safe in the knowledge you have stuck to your budget and organised the Wedding of your dreams

Plan on the web or on the go with our Nearly Weds App

Whether browsing the perfect venue to choosing the right lighting, plan for your wedding anywhere with our Nearly Weds app!

Want to get started?

Our Budget Planner is an essential Wedding Planning Tool. It helps you create and manage a your Wedding budget on an easy-to-navigate portal. To get started, all you need to do is sign up to our FREE Nearly Weds website or App. It’s a simple as that. From there you are guided through our Budget Planner, Guest List Planner, To-Do List Planner and Wish List. Our App allows you to search, plan, organise and get in touch with your chosen Suppliers on the go which means you can plan for your Big Day anywhere and anytime. So why wait?

How does Nearly Weds help curb my over-spending?

We can’t say that it will definitely curb your over-spending, but it will certainly go a long way to ensuring you stick to the original budget you set in the beginning.

Is it easy?

It really is as simple as signing up. From there, you take everything at your own pace. You can choose how much or how little you’d like to immerse yourself on our website or in our Nearly Weds App. We help you as much as possible with our Planning Tools which help take the stress out of planning your wedding, but if you’d prefer, you can just use our search tools to find your favourite suppliers and contact them yourself. Just by downloading our App or signing up, you are not obligated to use our great services (it just helps!)

Nearly Weds keep things simple

That’s why our budget planner allows you to create, monitor and manage your budget on the web or on the go.