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We are always here to help and appreciate that sometimes you can’t always find what you want on a website straight away. Check through our FAQs to help you, or get in touch.

Couple FAQs

Does the Website and App connect to each other

Our website and Nearly Weds App connect seamlessly so that whatever changes you make on a laptop or desktop, are automatically changed on your App too.

Can I delete my data after use

Of course. When you have had your dream wedding, just email us at to delete your data and we will erase your profile.

How much does it cost

It’s completely FREE. Our great website and App were built to ensure you have the best wedding possible, we get enough value just knowing you have the wedding you always dreamt of.

My App isn't working

Our Nearly Weds App is a web-based App and as such, you need to be connected to the internet to really get the best out of all it’s features.

Supplier FAQs

What Editorial, Event and Marketing Opportunities Do You Offer

We offer our Suppliers and Venue the opportunity to showcase their own events, feature in our monthly newsletter, feature on our website in a sponsored ads, list a Real Wedding story that includes details of their business to showcase to potential clients and offer the opportunity to get their business seen through push notifications.

How Do I Get Billed

It’s simple, you can either choose monthly or annual payment plans. Whichever suits you.

Do You Have A Social Reach

We have a very large social following and promote Nearly Weds primarily through Instagram and Facebook. We offer suppliers the opportunity to showcase their business on sponsored posts, but our social media is primarily for our couples.

Can I Cancel At Anytime

Of course. All we need is an emailed confirmation of request of cancellation from the admin email and we will then cancel your subscription 30 days from the date in which we receive the email and remove all your data and images. But why would anyone want to cancel?

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