Tips for Saving Up for the Big Day

You have just got engaged and told the families, now you have to work out how much everything is going to cost. You may want the huge White Wedding but can you save up enough for it? We have a couple of top tips to help you squirrel money away before the Big Day.

Set A Budget (and stick to it)
You may be lucky enough to walk into the first venue you see and they offer one of their all-in-one wedding packages which have everything you want and it’s just inside your budget. Job Done. Now you can relax. This unfortunately, is not the case for the majority. You need to make a To-Do list of things you would like to have included in the Wedding, then prioritise these from what you think is crucial to your Wedding, to what your ‘not too bothered about’. Then calculate the prices for these and work backwards from the top whilst keeping check of the budget.

Start Saving
You need to set aside an amount that you are comfortable with each month that can help you reach your budget. The average wedding can cost from £17,000 to £24,000 so make sure you leave plenty of time. You also need to be realistic. You need to need be realistic as to what your budget can buy and also how much you can save. If you earn £2,000 a month, and all your outgoings amount to £980 you cannot try and set a target of saving £1,000 a month as you will leave yourself with £20 disposable cash a month which is unrealistic.