Can You Buy An Engagement Ring Online?

The reasons for buying a ring online are fairly obvious: almost limitless selection available, don’t have to leave your home and to top it off, it can save you a fortune. However, just browsing on hundreds of websites still may not be able to help you decide. Have you ever bought a ring online? They don’t always turn up looking like they did in the polished online picture.

If you do buy the engagement ring online, make sure you do copious amounts of research! You need to check, check and check again if you are to choose the ‘perfect ring’ for your loved one. You need to make sure you know the jewellers that you are buying from and most importantly look at all the reviews on the product and company. This ring is extremely important and needs to be right.

Some people just need to get in the shop to have that ‘wow’ moment. They argue this can’t be achieved online and that you need to hold the ring in your hands to really start to fall in love with it. You need to speak to the professional behind the counter and see how the ring glistens as it is struck by the natural and artificial light.

Then there are the mixers, who travel to all the jewellers around them, look for the ring that they have fallen in love with, and buy one almost identical online for a far cheaper price.

There are no wrong answers with this one. It is whatever feels right for you. Just don’t get pressured into going to the jewellers in person if you prefer online shopping and don’t be told to ‘save money’ by going online when all you want to do is get some information from the professionals in the jewellery shop.