Worried about the cost of a bridesmaid dress?

Not sure how many bridesmaids to include in your Big Day due to the rising costs of your wedding already? Nearly Weds can help. Through our affiliates and data researchers, the average cost of a bridesmaid dress was £105…. Each! This obviously depends on the location and designer of the dress with some couples telling us they were able to get dresses for less than £50.

It does help Brides plan their Big Day by knowing the UK national average bridesmaid dress figure as they can then whittle down how many bridesmaids they want. Not all bridesmaids are lucky enough to get their dresses paid for them by the nearly wed couple, and this make the cost of the dress even more important. If you ask your best friend to be your bridesmaid for the day, can she afford a £100+ dress on top of the drinks for the day a wedding presents she has to get?