Should I go for an All-Inclusive Honeymoon?

What is an all-inclusive holiday? A true all-inclusive holiday is exactly as it sounds, one price which covers everything from your room and meals to unlimited drinks, airport transfers and often some activities and entertainment.

You still have to pay for things if you leave the resort (you can’t walk into a shop and try to exclaim that you are on an all-inclusive so it should be paid for – you might end up in jail).

What are the advantages?

You could be making a great saving! With everything included you could literally try and get or drink your way through the thousand you have spent on the trip just to make your money back. (This is not advised though).

No need to walk about with a wallet when you’re on the resort. All you have to do is order your drinks, pick them off the bar, say ‘thank you’ and then drink them. No exchanging of cash whatsoever!

Another advantage is that there are no surprise costs at the hotel. You don’t get a great holiday at a hotel for £30 a night only to find out a wine and lager comes to £24.50!

Another great thing to all-inclusives are that your try things you never have before or would have thought about. Often included in the package are activities and entertainment and you may go to St Lucia to find that horseback riding is on the activities list.

What are the dis-advantages?

One of the main dis-advantages is over-indulgence. Just because everything seems free, doesn’t mean you should over-do it just to ‘get your moneys worth’. You may also tend to stay in the resort more (to be fair, you have already paid for everything in there!). However, this means you may miss out on the fantastic local offerings. This also could get quite boring as a resort may only have 4 or 5 different restaurants and going back to the same ones over a 2- or 3-week honeymoon can get very repetitive.

One of the most romantic things about honeymoons is the feeling of seclusion and privacy. This can often be lost in all-inclusives as most have vast communal seating plans which means that even if you try to avoid the annoying couple from down the hall, they will probably find and talk to you at meal times!