Are Neon Signs a Good Idea for Weddings?

Here at Nearly Weds, we love a good Wedding Sign. From a simple welcome at reception to a huge backdrop sign they always help grab the attention of the guests. So why wouldn’t you use a creative Neon Sign? We have a few ideas of how to get the best out of them.

Keep It Simple

A simple, effective neon sign in a rounded cursive is enough to get attention – so don’t over do it! Great wedding phrases can be extremely effective here with phrases like ‘love is all you need’ coming out on top.

Light the Way

You may want to usher your guests to certain locations around your venue. A great, simple and creative way to do this: a neon sign. Maybe directing them to the ‘meet the married couple at the bar’ or just a simple ‘welcome’ will help guide your guests.


Want the wedding to go viral? A fantastic way to make a hashtag stand out and get people using it, include them on the neon signs dotted around the venue to keep in their minds whilst they are on their phones.