Guide to planning your Honeymoon

Your Big Day has recently been immortalised in videos, photos and fantastic memories. Now it’s the beginning of an amazing journey called married life, but before you can truly focus on married life, you get to enjoy one of the most romantic holidays you will ever have… Your Honeymoon. So sit back, think of sipping you pina colada on a white-sand kissed beach and follow out Nearly Weds guide:

Do Your Homework

You need to really do you homework on your Honeymoon destination and activities. Most couples will plan this together and usually you might have differing views on where to go and what to do. Make sure you look into your dream destination just in case you see a sunny picture of a picturesque Island on social media, only to get off the plane and find you have arrived during Tropical Storm Season.


You need to organise and prioritise your Honeymoon. Do you want to go skiing in a snowy paradise or relax on a white-sand kissed beach? Sit down and establish what suits your wants and needs first before looking at destinations.


How long can you actually go for? Honeymoon durations can depend on work commitments, finances or children commitments. You need to work out how long you can take on your Honeymoon because if you want an eventful trip to New York but only have 3 days spare, the 8 hour trip (and Jet Lag) may put a scupper on your romantic break.


Have you changed your name on all the documentation? Your passport, tickets etc? Don’t get caught out too late!

Extra Tips:

Firstly, always use a credit card! We know how some of the big airlines have had difficulties recently and you want to know you have the security of reimbursements so use your credit card where you can!
Also, make sure you tell the airlines you are Newly Weds (just like in the Friends episode) as you never know, they may bump you up to first class!