Image from: Online For Love

4 Signs Your Partner Is Going To Propose

Proposals always try to be a surprise. However, even though the person you produce the ring on may seem shocked, they may have known it had been coming for a while. Here at Nearly Weds we have produced a 4-point plan to know when you partner is going to pop the question.

Your partner has taken charge of an upcoming trip

You going away and find yourself in the luxurious (and rather strange) position of not needing to contribute anything to the trip? Your partner is taking complete charge from when you leave, where you stay and your whole itinerary? That is probably because there is something added to your trip that he doesn’t want you knowing about.

Constant talks about ‘the future’

Usually when a partner is saying ‘when we’re 60 years old and sitting on our porch…’ it is usually an affirmation of their intentions and is usually brought up because they want to confirm you feel the same before committing.

They ask for your ring size

This one is the fairly obvious one. If your partner asks this and doesn’t propose, you will more than likely be extremely angry.

Your partner is squirreling money away

Usually your partner spends hundreds on a night out but now they just want to watch Netflix and not even get a takeaway?!? If you are saving for a house, this makes sense, if they are keeping the money-pinching secret, it is probably because they are planning a big spend on a ring!