3 Honeymoon Locations for 2020


The Maldives truly is one of the most breath-taking nation of islands located just South West of Sri Lanka. The Picturesque blue waters and white sand are home to a honeymooning couples perfect location.
The resorts in the Maldives are unlike many in the whole World, they really are outstanding with private butlers and glass flooring to name a few luxuries. The sustainable ocean fresh food and world-renowned spas help to see why the Maldives are a must-stop place for honeymooners.

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Zambia is known the world over as one of the last truly “wild” locations with phenomenal wilderness and diverse animal populations. It is a country virtually untouched by outsiders and you can see huge lions, beautiful zebras and elegant elephants roaming free. The wildlife and safari are like nowhere else in the world.


Global warming is high on everyone’s agenda at the moment so now is the time to go and see one of the most untouched, beautiful places in the world. It is a honeymoon for the more adventurous couples with ice-covered landmasses, crystal waters and animal life like seals, whales and penguins all within reach, why would you not want to go on the once in a lifetime trip?