Creative Wedding Ideas

During our time here at Nearly-Weds, we have come across a couple of extra creative wedding ideas that might you might not have thought of to help make your day extra memorable for you and your guests!

Last Dance


Feeling a bit shy about the first dance, then why not switch it to the last dance? As the night comes to a close, say your farewells to your guests and put ‘your’ song one for the last dance of the night alone in the empty room. Just make sure you clear it with your DJ and venue first!


Lined Groom Coats


Want a bit of extra fun? You may well choose traditional style suits for the gents, but why not let them get creative with a funky custom fabric lining to add a little extra panache to the Big Day! Plus have them flash the lining in a group shot, and it will make a tremendous additional memory of your special day.


A Touch-Up Bar


We know how long the line can be for the ladies’ room, but you still need to fix your hair and add mid-party makeup. Why not create a solution with a touch-up station. If you have the spare budget, you could even get some help by hiring a professional to help put a fresh gloss or curl on your guests. 


Private Vows


You have to share everything else about your Big Day with your family, friends and loved ones, why not keep the most special of moments, your Wedding Vows private? Traditionally vows are spoken in front of your loved ones, but these days some couples are choosing to share their promises to one another alone. Perfect as an alternative for couples who want personalised vows but aren’t comfortable reciting emotional details in front of their family and friends. 


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