I am writing this review to share my appalling experience with the wedding venue, Glemham Hall.

My partner and I were due to get married earlier this year, but were unable to do so due to the ongoing pandemic. As we had already paid a large deposit, and had heard of the difficulties with wedding venues refusing to refund couples, we decided to reschedule for April 2021.

With announcements made by the Government in September, we realised it would have been impossible to plan our dream wedding, so we decided to cancel. Luckily we were within the agreed terms and managed to get back some money.

Glemham Hall have refused to refund the remaining £2500, despite us receiving no services. £1500 was paid towards catering, and £1000 to reserve the date. Apparently, these are incurred costs, even though we cancelled 7 months in advance!

The caterer (Peter Harrison) has already been paid, even though we have never met him or attended taster sessions. No specific arrangements have been made towards our wedding.

Peter Harrison has refused to discuss the matter with myself, and is quite happy to keep £1500 for doing no work.

Glemham Hall are happy to keep £1000 for writing our names in the diary.

I have asked for an itemised breakdown of incurred costs, but Glemham Hall are unable (or unwilling) to produce this.

They have described themselves as ‘good people’ and not a ‘money-grabbing’ business. However, actions speak louder than words. They have dealt with this matter appallingly, with no sympathy towards us.

It is a shame, as the venue itself is lovely.

I would not recommend Glemham Hall or Peter Harrison catering to anyone.