Your guide to getting a post-dated passport.

You’ve got the venue; the ring and you are about to book that all-important first trip as a married couple- the honeymoon. But, you’re changing your name when you get married, and you want to fly with matching passports (and maybe a bag a free upgrade to first class on the plane!) You need to get a post-dated passport. Getting a post-dated passport arranged is entirely possible, but 3 key things must align to ensure you can fly. This short guide will give you all the information you need to make sure it all goes without a hitch

First: Time

Let’s face it; you have at least 764 things still to do on your wedding plan. Do you have time for this too? It’s not just your time; ideally, you’ll need at least three months until your honeymoon to get the application processed (allowing of course for a little buffer for seasonality or if there is a sudden surge in passport applications). We’ve known people get this though in as little time as four weeks, however, if you leave this one too close to the wire, your nerves won’t thank you. Wedding planning is stressful enough.

If you have left it a bit late, the better option is to travel in your maiden name and start this process on your return from honeymoon. If, however, you are adamant, then you can pay a little extra and use the 1 Week Fast Track service at the Passport office. Be mindful though; your names must match on all travel documents, including at the hotel/resort that you are staying at, not just at immigration at the airports, so be sure to change all documents.

If time is one your side, then it’s a straightforward application for a post-dated passport through the passport office, and it will save you a few pennies too!

Second: Where are you going?

Your honeymoon is likely to be the trip of a lifetime for you both, but far-flung places come with some far-out rules. When we say rules, what we really mean is Visa’s. Your travel advisor will let you know what he Visa requirements are, for you chosen destination. If you need to apply for a Visa in advance of travel there are some key points to remember.

On the whole, countries, where you pay for a visa upon arrival, don’t cause a problem for newlyweds as long as the name on your passport matched your Visa application, which you usually fill out on the plane.

Countries requiring you to apply for a visa in advance can be tricky and it some cases, it just isn’t possible – make sure you check with your travel agent first.

And finally, is it practical?

So, if you have time and your location makes it possible, is it worth it? Here are the final considerations before you post that application.

You’ll need to surrender your current passport when you apply for the new one, but your new passport will be post-dated until your wedding day. It will not be valid until that date, so if you have a hen do planned, work trip away or any other event that could take you abroad you won’t be able to go!

Cost: As we all know, weddings are expensive, and budgets are strained! The cost for a new 10-year passport is currently £72.50 – do you need that added expense right now?

And finally, the very slim possibility the wedding doesn’t happen. If for any reason the wedding has to be delayed or cancelled, you’ll need to re-apply and pay for your name to be changed back, which is additional time, cost and stress.

So, if after considering all these factors you still want to apply for a post-dated passport, here is the ‘how too guide.’

How to apply for a post dated passport

  The quickest and easiest way to renew your passport is online. These days you can even take a digital photo and upload it straight to the application, saving you a few quid and the risk of it not being quite right.
 If you prefer you can apply using a standard passport application form, which you can pick from any Post Office branch. You’ll also need to pick up a ‘Post-Date Form2 (PD2) and send that along with your application. You’ll need to get this signed by the registrar/minister who will conduct your ceremony. You’ll need to sign it too using your current name and signature.
 If you need more help or advice with this or a copy of that all-important PD2 form you can access it here. Or you can contact the passport advice line on 0330 222 0000.
 It costs £75.50 to renew or replace your passport online, or £85.00 via the paper form. There is an additional fee payable of £9.50 if you use the Post Office’s Passport Check and Send service, available at larger post office branches.
  ‘Post-Date Form2 (PD2)The Passport Office recommend visiting their dedicated travel advice pages. Updated hourly and free to use.

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