Grooms: We’re Here to Help

Grooms, we know how you feel. It’s scary! You’ve been blasé about it for months and now the Big Day is fat approaching. We have been there, and we wish someone would have given us these handy tips before.

  • Eat your breakfast on the day! We know you might have even had a late night with the lads the night before, but a Wedding Day can be very long. And the excruciating wait leading up to the speeches can seem like a lifetime. Make sure you get up early, have a good old cuppa and a hearty breakfast!
  • Drink Water! You will have a lot of people buying you drinks and a lot of people wanting to converse with you. Make sure you drink copious amounts of water throughout the day to stop a headache ruining your Big Day.
  • Double check who has the rings! You may have entrusted this job to someone else but make sure they are on top of it! Otherwise the Wedding Day will be cut very short.
  • Get your soon-to-be Spouse a gift! This person is about to make you the happiest man in the World, get a small give to let your soon-to-be Spouse know just how special they are and how much they mean to you.
  • R-E-L-A-X! Lastly, but most importantly… relax. You are about to marry the most important person in your life, just sit down, get a beer and enjoy the day!