Are Dogs Allowed At Weddings?

Increasingly this is become a huge topic of debate. Most animal-lovers see it as the norm. They love their animals just as much as their family and loved ones, so why should the animals miss out? If you have dog who is central to your family, it is only right that your four-legged friend is allowed to share in one of the most important days in your life. According to a survey in 2018, 16% of couples in the UK are now deciding to include their pet in the wedding celebrations. How cute is the picture with the family complete with dog in a bowtie!

On the other hand, some people argue that others have genuine fears of certain animals and others argue that it is unhygienic and smelly. Combined with the fact that people say, ‘is this really best for the animal?’. Does the animal(s) enjoy big crowds, loud music and even the very real threat of being trampled on by some alcohol-fuelled dancing? Are they going to jump up on people’s brand-new suits with muddy paws, or jump on the table to get at the big wedding cake?

There are pros and cons to every argument but here at Nearly Weds we stick to the nice and simple view of, if you really have put a lot of thought into something and see it being a genuine benefit, then why not! If you have looked into it and thought that your beautiful animal may become distressed at little children poking or running after them throughout a day, then you are completely right to keep them safe at home. If you think they are going to have a smashing time at your wedding, then by all means, bring your animal and make sure you get amazing photos!