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General Questions

Our Nearly Weds App is a web-based App and as such, you need to be connected to the internet to really get the best out of all it’s features.

Once you have signed up, simple navigate to the ‘Edit Profile’ page to enter all your details and start getting the most out of our Nearly Weds dashboard.

It’s Simple. Just fill in the Suppliers Contact Form on the right of any Supplier page.

Just navigate to the Suppliers profile page and click on the ‘reviews’ tab. If you are signed in, you can instantly leave a review there.

Couple Questions

Our website and Nearly Weds App connect seamlessly so that whatever changes you make on a laptop or desktop, are automatically changed on your App too.

Of course. When you have had your dream wedding, just email us at info@nearly-weds.co.uk to delete your data and we will erase your profile.

It’s completely FREE. Our great website and App were built to ensure you have the best wedding possible, we get enough value just knowing you have the wedding you always dreamt of.

Vendor Questions

We accept all major debit and credit cards. These payments are taken through the World-Renowned Stripe software.

Of course. All we need is an emailed confirmation of request of cancellation from the admin email and we will then cancel your subscription 30 days from the date in which we receive the email and remove all your data and images. But why would anyone want to cancel?

We have a very large social following and promote Nearly Weds primarily through Instagram and Facebook. We offer suppliers the opportunity to showcase their business on sponsored posts, but our social media is primarily for our couples.

Suppliers get billed for the initial sign up of 0.99p before they are able to list their business. We then bill suppliers each month on the card that was used for the original sign up for the amount of genuine leads they have received.

We offer our Suppliers and Venue the opportunity to showcase their own events, feature in our monthly newsletter, feature on our website in a sponsored ads, list a Real Wedding story that includes details of their business to showcase to potential clients and offer the opportunity to get their business seen through push notifications.

Payment Questions

Through our Stripe Payment System we have the ability to accept all major credit and debit cards, including American Express.

We can do this for you by getting in touch with info@nearly-weds.co.uk