Become a Supplier

Tired of signing up to wedding planner/ wedding directory sites and seeing no returns?
Nearly Weds is the answer.

With us we work tirelessly with Suppliers to ensure your leads convert. Not content with just producing leads, we provide material and workshops to help our Suppliers convert leads to sales.

Get Your Moneys Worth
We help you convert you leads and make sure you feel that 'no lead' is a 'lost lead'
Supplier Dashboard
See your live customer opportunities and how many views your business is receiving
Control Your Listing
Access and edit your videos, photos and content at anytime
And Much More
Upload events, submit promotion blogs and send emails to our data base (additional charges my apply)

How much does it cost?

£49.99 a Year

For Suppliers

£89.99 a Year

For Venues

or alternatively:

£4.99 a Month

All Suppliers

£8.99 a Month

All Venues

Prices shown exclude 20% VAT.

What makes Nearly Weds different?

Why Choose Nearly Weds

We’re a fast-growing wedding marketplace designed to connect your business with brides and grooms via our purpose-built app and website.

You’ll get a supplier log-in area with easy-to-use dashboard so you can keep your listing updated, track your performance and see all your customer opportunities in one place.

What Makes Nearly Weds Different

Unlike other expensive wedding listing sites Nearly-Weds care about your leads. We don’t work on a basis of overloading leads to suppliers to look good. We work towards targeted, quality leads that convert!

How Can Nearly Weds Help My Business

You’ll receive an SEO link to your website which will help boost your own listings, you can also submit gust blogs for promotion via our social channels. If you have a sale or event let us know!

Do I Receive Support


You can contact us any time about your listing and we will help guide you though any changes. We’ll also send you handy tips on how to close more business via our newsletter. If you have a PR list for press releases, please add

We’d love to hear form you.

What additional marketing opportunities do you offer?

We will promote your business via our social media channels free of charge. We will also be offering gust blog slots and places on our email campaigns that we will be sending to brides and grooms already signed up using the app. Once you’ve signed up we will be in contact via email each and every time we have an opportunity for you.

How Do I Get Billed

It’s simple, you can either choose monthly or annual payment plans. Whichever suits you.

Do You Have A Social Reach

We are a growing business, and with that we are growing our social following. Sure, right now its not much to shout about but watch this space.

Can I Cancel At Anytime

If you pay monthly, you only have to give us 30 days advanced notice. If you pay annually, then the subscription charge is for the year and will not be refunded, however we know that life and business changes so if you do need to have your listing removed, we can take your listing down so you don’t receive any further charges.

Just contact us on

Download the App

View, edit and manage your listing via our handy App. Available on IOS and Android.